Alexander Lundström was born in Gothenburg, Sweden where he studied Yoga, Sports & Modern Dance from an early age to find relief and to alleviate the affects of the severe Scoliosis deformation of the spine which he was born with. This brought him into the path of a life long search for different solutions of healing and pain prevention in the human body.

At a later stage Alexander became a professional dancer and worked with major dance companies in Sweden where he also taught contemporary dance and body control. He has studied Yoga (Hatha, Raja, Kundalini, Tantra), Modern (Graham, Dunham, Limon, Horton) & Classical Dance with some of the most respected and celebrated teachers in the world. He is also trained in the Alexander Technique, Pilates and Mind-Body-Control and Contact improvisation in India, Singapore, Sweden, UK and Greece. In addition he has worked as a principal dancer with the Greek National Ballet of The State Theater of Northern Greece and with other major dance groups and choreographers in Greece.

Alexander’s Yoga teaching is based on Traditional Tantra Yoga according to the Shri Kali Ashram System, including Vinyasa Asana Practice, Breathing exercises, Meditation for Energy & Healing of the Physical and Emotional Human body, Cleansing & Balancing of The Chakras. He has a teaching experience of more than 25 years and holds a 500 YTT (Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Certificate). He still considers himself as a student of Life in all its forms.


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