What Is Tantra?

Stemming from a timeless tantric formula, this series of postures (asanas) is based on Ayurveda’s understanding of the subtle energy system, and the metaphysics of the Vedic philosophy. The asanas are practiced by lying on the floor with plenty of meditative relaxation in between. In this way we can access the subconscious mind and instinctually re-align with our True Self – our Sacred Self. Tantrics see the body as an expression of the soul, not just a physical shell.

When our bodily system learns to be in a constant state of intrinsic relaxation, it can naturally balance itself, self-heal and reintegrate with the Whole, the Divine Absolute. Tantra is not an academic philosophy, but a life practice. Because you can’t separate the mind from the body, when harmony is achieved within, meditation arises.

Thus this traditional yoga system trains the body, the mind and the subtle energies as a whole. It builds strength, flexibility, energy, and also grace, fluidity and inner harmony. This unique teaching style enables the students to master deep inner meditation in a short time. It emphasizes on whole body meditation to attain oneness with the Divine Self.

“Yoga is a science that teaches the whole body to meditate. By it’s nature it never teaches competition. Competition means that one is always comparing and contrasting to external measures. Tantra Yoga instils integration, enrichment and incomparable inner strength. With these qualities, yogis master life. Mastery gives fulfillment and fulfillment stops dependence on any external measures.”


– Bhagavan Shri Shanmukha Anantha Natha